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Veteran Patriot Alliance of Leadership Services


A list of useful resources & services for veterans


A Million Thanks

The campaign began as a community service project in Orange County, California, with the goal of sending one million cards and letters of appreciation to U.S. military serving around the world.

Any Soldier

Freedom isn't free, just ask any solder...

Defenders of Freedom

Defenders of Freedom (DOF) was birthed from the Welcome Home a Hero program at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in September of 2004.

Grants for Veterans

This website provides comprehensive details on grants for veterans. These grants are given away for free, and they could help low income veterans with bills, mortgage, rent, housing, college, and medications.

Lotus Project

This special project was named from the lotus flower, which grows underwater in the dark, murky conditions of still ponds then bursts forth – strong and beautiful – into the sun. It pushes aside many obstacles and makes its way to the surface, opening petal by petal, thriving in the roughest conditions.


For 75 years, the USO has been dedicated to supporting America’s service members and their loved ones. Join us in keeping them connected to their family, home and country.

Veterans Retreat Center

The Veterans Retreat Center is beautifully landscaped with a variety of native Texas trees and tropical plants. There are several ponds and there is a large covered pavilion for cooking, dining, sitting, or dancing.

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