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Lifebranch Seminars - Leadership Series

Designed to train church leaders how to model and counsel as well as foster a nurturing atmosphere for couples and families. As leaders and pastors of your church, you will see the value of these seminars that you can host for your congregation. Each seminar focuses on helping individuals develop a more meaningful relationship with God, their spouse, and others.

Available Seminars

The Pastors’ and Spouses’ Seminar

Equip church leaders to learn and model biblical principles for marriage and family living.

Leadership Development Seminar

Give your entire leadership a vision for marriage enrichment characterized by a culture of love and respect.

Balance in Beauty

Balance in Beauty assists church leaders in their outreaches to women who are influencers in various fields, e.g. medical doctors, politicians, judges and lawyers, teachers and business leaders, business professionals, government officers. Share the message in a way that is relevant to their particular domain or profession.

For more information please contact us and let us know what your interests are.

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