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Latest Book

The Intersection of Racism & Redemption

By Dr. Wil Chevalier

The Intersection of Racism & Redemption is a book that reaffirms the truth of forgiveness and reconciliation as a means of restoring us to one another while showing that racism, after all, is a matter of the heart. In the face of so much injustice being perpetuated upon Americans of all colors in our land today, this story will inspire readers to fight for justice and expand its reach to all people in our country—not only people of color.

About the Author

Dr. Wil Chevalier is the cofounder and Executive Director of LifeBranch Institute International. His unique perspective on the social, psychological, and spiritual effects of racism spans history, geography, and current events, making his poignant memoir, The Intersection of Racism & Redemption, the apex of his catalog of over 12 books and his ministry of 40 years.

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