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Lifebranch Seminars - Couples Series

LifeBranch is dedicated to teaching couples how to have healthier marriages. We know healthy marriages knit the family and community together in so many ways and ultimately create a better society. Our seminars are designed to answer crucial questions that affect more than half of church families—from how to overcome dysfunctional relationships that impact children, to reinforcing how healthy marriages create better homes for children and entire communities. 


Experience a Christ-centered path to strengthening your family through seminars that include instruction and group and couple interactions. Each seminar focuses on helping you develop a more meaningful relationship with God, your spouse, and others.

Available Seminars

More Than Love

Cultivating a holy, healthy marriage involves so much more than just acquiring a set of tools to use when in conflict with your spouse. Marriage is a lifestyle—a lens through which you can view all of life, all the time. During More than Love Seminars, many grasp for the first time the importance of a relationship committed to ongoing growth, effective communication skills, and successful conflict management skills. Learn what peacemaking is all about and how it can impact your life and your church.

The Agony & Ecstasy of Intimacy Group Study

Using this small group curriculum, help church members learn and apply biblical principles for marriage and family living in their own relationships and families.

For more information please contact us and let us know what your interests are.

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