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A Christ-Centered Path to Strengthening Your Family

Founders Wil & Jacquie Chevalier

Wil & Jacquie Chevalier Lifebranch

Founders Wil and Jacquie Chevalier have counseled and ministered in marriage, conflict management, communication, and marriage/family issues for over 30 years. Both are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Press Association.


For 12 years, the Chevaliers served as missionaries in the Philippines. Now they travel widely, having ministered on six continents, and together they’ve authored several books, including The Agony & Ecstasy of Intimacy, More Than Love, Marriage Beyond the Garden, and Parenting the Coming Generation. Additionally, Wil wrote Shaking the Family Tree and recorded three music albums that reflect messages of love and reconciliation. They work together on developing LifeBranch’s conferences and leadership seminars.  

In 1998, Wil and Jacquie attended the C. S. Lewis Summer Institute at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the RZIM Zacharias Trust Summer School at Oxford University (2006). 

Dr. Wil Chevalier is the co-founder and executive director of LifeBranch Institute International, a non-profit corporation dedicated to leadership development and marriage enrichment. He holds an M.A. from Biola University, an M.Div. from Asian Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. from Trinity Seminary. Wil also did some postgraduate work at the Asia Graduate School of Theology, Manila. Wil was a former middle manager for Pacific Bell Telephone and served as a share-owner relations manager for AT&T. Upon leaving Pacific Bell Telephone, Wil became the Asian director of Guidelines, Inc., a missions’ agency dedicated to reaching the family through print and broadcast media.


Wil is a certified mediator, trained through Dispute Resolution Services (DRS), a non-profit corporation of the Los Angeles Bar Association. He received training through the Barristers Domestic Violence Project (L.A. Bar Assoc.), the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program Cross Training of Orange County, and was a member of the Orange County Task Force for Promise Keepers’ Ethnic and Denominational Reconciliation (1995-1997).


Jacquie Chevalier is the co-founder of LifeBranch Institute and the founder of Balance in Beauty, a seminar designed to help women develop their inner godly character and enhance their outer beauty. Jacquie holds an M.A. in Family Mediation. Her experience includes more than six years co-hosting a weekly television series, the World of Women, which aired throughout the Philippines. She has authored the book Balance in Beauty and speaks internationally at conferences and retreats.

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